A Concierge Psychiatry Practice: Exceptional, Personalized Psychiatric Care

Many people visit this website as an introduction to my concierge psychiatry and psychotherapy practice.

My Psychiatric Care Philosophy

My psychiatric practice is based on two fundamentals: a personal relationship and state-of-the art, full-service care.  If you want personalized care, if your time is at a premium, or if your situation is complex, we may be a good fit.

1. Relationship First. First and foremost, I believe that a healthy, caring relationship with a doctor that knows you-as a person-is the most important aspect of care. As such, I make our relationship a priority in your treatment, and pride myself on having a “first-name practice”. I know all my patients, schedule our appointments myself, and will recognize you when you call.

For more information about how a “concierge” practice is unique, look under the “about” tab.

2. State-of-the-art, Whole-Person Treatment: A second fundamental aspect of my practice is evidence-based, whole-person psychiatric treatment, including both medication and non-medication treatments (including alternative treatments, psychotherapy and lifestyle interventions). I have a number of areas of unique expertise (see “about Dr. MacDonald and “Dr. MacDonald’s publications“), and find many many patients appreciate the consistency and simplicity of the “single treater” approach. I work hard to stay abreast of the latest scientific research, medical information, and therapies to help you to be your best, and have been recognized for this expertise and zeal, both by the community and the university training program. If you need treatment I do not offer (i.e. Transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS, specialized relationship therapy, intensive addiction treatment), my long experience in the community ensures we will partner with San Diego’s best in these areas.

Treatment and Services

Addiction Medicine / Addiction Psychiatry
Ketamine Treatment for Severe Depression
Psychiatric Care for Doctors and other Health Care Providers
Expert Witness / Forensic Evaluations
College Preparation / College Mental Health